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Cyclodialysis cleft following sutureless intraocular lens fixation by Yamane's technique and its management
Samarth Mishra, Ekta Rishi, Ronnie George
April-June 2021, 1(2):271-273
  2 1,026 73
Focal laser photocoagulation in the management of perifoveal exudative vascular anomalous complex
Subhakar Reddy, Hitesh Agrawal, Komal Agarwal
April-June 2021, 1(2):323-325
  2 990 58
Retinal arteriolar calcification and ischemic retinopathy in a patient with chronic kidney disease
Chitaranjan Mishra, Naresh B Kannan, Anirban Chakrabarti, Mahesh Kumar, Kim Ramasamy
April-June 2021, 1(2):337-339
  2 1,057 67
Keratitis–ichthyosis–deafness (KID) syndrome: Ocular manifestations and management
Antonio Perez-Rueda, Rocío Melero-Giménez, Almudena Valero-Marcos, Javier Fernández-Castro, Jesús Martín-Molina, Gracia Castro-Luna
October-December 2021, 1(4):619-621
  2 1,199 125
Orbital venous malformation masquerading as lacrimal mucocele
Nidhi Pandey
October-December 2021, 1(4):736-738
  2 701 49
Clinical application of Scheimpflug imaging in congenital lamellar cataract - An objective preoperative densitometry museum
Prasanna V Ramesh, Shruthy V Ramesh, Ramesh Rajasekaran, Meena K Ramesh
April-June 2021, 1(2):167-167
  2 1,238 70
A glitch in the developmental matrix: Optic disc coloboma with serous retinal detachment
Shruthy Vaishali Ramesh, Prasanna Venkatesh Ramesh, Ramesh Rajasekaran, Meena Kumari Ramesh, Anugraha Balamurugan
April-June 2021, 1(2):202-203
  2 1,597 68
Lights, camera, action: Sparkling and twinkling X-mass tree cataract through the eyes of a Scheimpflug imaging and anterior segment optical coherence tomography
Prasanna V Ramesh, Shruthy V Ramesh, Ramesh Rajasekaran, Meena K Ramesh
July-September 2021, 1(3):399-400
  2 1,346 116
A case of peripapillary pachychoroid syndrome treated with anti-vascular endothelial growth factor injections
Parveen Sen, Janani Sreenivasan, Puja Maitra
April-June 2021, 1(2):346-348
  1 1,295 96
Modified Nishida's procedure in management of unilateral isolated inferior rectus aplasia - A case report
Akila V Ramkumar, Sumita Agarkar, Swathi Mailankody
April-June 2021, 1(2):363-364
  1 895 54
Infectious crystalline keratopathy caused by Candida parapsilosis in a turgid host cornea
Alok Sati, Lavan Singh, Sanjay Kumar Mishra, Sonali V Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Dhar
April-June 2021, 1(2):246-248
  1 1,004 71
Cataract secondary to iatrogenic iron overload in a severely anemic patient
Mehmet Akif Erol, Onur Ozalp, Eray Atalay
April-June 2021, 1(2):259-261
  1 2,057 73
Micropulse transscleral cyclophotocoagulation Cyclo G6 laser at low energy levels: Initial results in Indian eyes with advanced glaucoma treated in a single session
Vanita Pathak-Ray
April-June 2021, 1(2):292-296
  1 1,391 67
Management of hypotony induced by transscleral diode cyclophotocoagulation in failed Ahmed glaucoma valve surgery
Vanita Pathak-Ray, Anusha Badduri, Isha Gulati
April-June 2021, 1(2):297-298
  1 868 62
Choroidal effusion with neurosensory detachment after medial transposition of Y-split lateral rectus in third nerve palsy
Neha Yadav, Pradeep Sharma, Vikash Panwar, Jyoti Shakrawal, Shorya Vardhan Azad
April-June 2021, 1(2):299-301
  1 1,119 73
Prenatal diagnosis for isolated aniridia: A case report and simplified diagnostic approach for ophthalmologists
Shruti Bajaj, Dipti R Koradia, Mihir Kothari
April-June 2021, 1(2):302-304
  1 899 74
Bilateral occlusive retinal vasculitis in ulcerative colitis
Kiran Chandra, Simar R Singh, Ramandeep Singh, Mangat R Dogra, Mohit Dogra
April-June 2021, 1(2):310-312
  1 1,025 69
Rapidly progressing granulomatous retinochoroiditis with vasculitis: An extensive imaging and laboratory characterization of an unusual variant of sympathetic ophthalmia
Aniruddha Agarwal, Suryaprakash Sharma, Aman Kumar, Alessandro Marchese, Shobha Sehgal, Manpreet Singh, Nalini Gupta, Aman Sharma, Amod Gupta, Anita Agarwal, Vishali Gupta
April-June 2021, 1(2):313-316
  1 914 61
Rubella eye disease: A clinicopathological case report
Dipankar Das, Jayanta Kumar Das, Balmukund Agarwal, Harsha Bhattacharjee, Gayatri Bharali, Debajit Deka, Deb Kumar Mahato, Saurabh Deshmukh, Apurba Deka
April-June 2021, 1(2):317-319
  1 2,445 102
Appraisal of two fuzzy intraocular lens
Prateek Jain, Anshuman Pattnaik, Nimeshbhai Bhalaji Purohit
April-June 2021, 1(2):196-197
  1 1,081 53
A tale of two leaks – Pachychoroid spectrum
Manavi D Sindal, Bholesh Ratna
April-June 2021, 1(2):210-211
  1 989 71
Eplerenone monotherapy in a rare case of bullous central serous retinopathy with retinal pigment epithelial macro-rip
Remya Mareen Paulose, Jay Chhabblani, Anju S Raju, Thomas Cherian
April-June 2021, 1(2):219-220
  1 1,107 85
The tale of a coiled worm
Hrishikesh Kaza, Raghavendra Rao Kolavali, Vishal Govindahari
April-June 2021, 1(2):223-224
  1 985 65
Pulp fiction of optic crack - The imperative irony of reloading a preloaded intraocular lens
Shruthy Vaishali Ramesh, Prasanna Venkatesh Ramesh, Ramesh Rajasekaran, Meena Kumari Ramesh
July-September 2021, 1(3):402-404
  1 1,203 69
Changing perspectives: Objective monitoring of corneal health in granulomatous uveitis by mapping the keratic precipitates through a Scheimpflug imaging system with calipers in inverse contrast
Prasanna V Ramesh, Shruthy V Ramesh, Meena K Ramesh, Ramesh Rajasekaran
July-September 2021, 1(3):409-411
  1 1,052 62
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