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Current Issue

April-June 2023| Vol 3| Issue 2


The “Influence” of social media on the ophthalmology fraternity

“Figuring out what the next big trend is, tells us what we should focus on.” – Mark Zuckerberg Change is definitely the only constant and we must learn to adapt with the changing ...

Case Report

Bilateral pseudopterygia following pediatric cataract surgery: A case report

Pseudopterygia are the advancement of the conjunctiva onto the corneal surface in the setting of active or old ocular surface inflammation. Pterygia and pseudopterygia are exceptional conditions in ...

Case Report

Exposing ophthalmia nodosa – The double eversion way

Ophthalmia nodosa is an inflammatory response of ocular tissue to caterpillar hair or any other insect hair that comes in contact with the eye. A young child with a painful red eye was found to have...

Case Report

Conjunctival rhinosporidiosis: A diagnostic surprise

Rhinosporidiosis is a rare ocular infection and a chronic granulomatous disease caused by Rhinosporidium seeberi. The disease is endemic in India and Sri Lanka but has been known to occur eve...

Case Report

Unusual application of topical brimonidine for the management of epithelial cysts

The mainstay management of progressive epithelial cysts spans from fine-needle aspiration of the cyst content to radical en bloc excision. Such a surgical approach may result in cyst rupture,...

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